CCTV Security Systems

Why Install CCTV?

There are many benefits to investing in a CCTV camera security system. For example, a professionally installed system provides a significant deterrent to potential burglars, thieves, vandals and doorstep fraudsters. CCTV provides a layer of security that can be combined with additional security measures such as intruder alarms and security locks.

CCTV security systems also provide the opportunity to remotely monitor your home or business and provide additional peace of mind when you are away on holiday. It is a sound investment, which provides protection for your family members and security for the family home. For business owners, it offers safeguarding for your employees and oversight of your property and business assets.

Our CCTV System Design & Installation Services

We offer a wide range of CCTV equipment services for both domestic and commercial business properties.

Our experienced installation engineers can survey your home or business and propose a network camera security system to suit your individual requirements. On your instruction, we will supply and install a security system to the specifications of the agreed proposal.

Primarily we install Hikvision cameras and network equipment. Hikvision provide a wide range of wired & wireless network camera models, video recorders and auxillary equipment to meet the varied security and surveillance needs of domestic and commercial environments.

Hikvision Network Camera Product Range includes:

  • Network Cameras – Ethernet (incl. PoE options) or Wi-Fi
  • PTZ Dome Cameras
  • Panoramic & Fisheye Lens Cameras
  • Explosion Proof and Anti-corrosion cameras (for hazardous and extreme environments)
  • Low Light & Thermal Cameras
  • Network / Digital Video Recorders (NVR’s / DVR’s)
  • Storage Options – high data density, modularized design, video management & device management features
  • Remote Camera Access/Monitoring via smartphone or tablet App

We chose Hikvision CCTV network security systems for numerous reasons. They supply well-priced, reliable equipment offering market leading functionality. They provide pre/post sales support and warranty services. They also have a global presence with multiple UK distributors and partners.

CCTV System Maintenance & Upgrade

If you have an existing installation which needs repair, reconfiguration or replacement – we can help. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We are happy to support and work with various brands of CCTV equipment.

Ready To Improve Your Security?

Take the first step to improving the security of your property – please call or email today to discuss your requirements and arrange an on-site survey (if required).

Hikvision EasyIP Camera Product Range